Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lil Wayne Dropped By Mountain Dew: Was It Justified?

Lil Wayne is known for being speaking his mind freely and this time, it cost him a lucrative endorsement deal. ......................, that Mountain Dew terminated its partnership with the rapper over his lyrics involving civil rights figure in Future's "Karate Chop (Remix)": "Beat the pu--y up like Emmett Till."Mountain Dew's parent company PepsiCo released an official statement stating the end of the deal and that Weezy's "offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand."
Fans on Twitter were divided on Mountain Dew's decision. Many applauded the soda giant for defending Till's legacy. "Mt. Dew dropped Lil Wayne over the Emmett Till controversy. Biggie said it best, 'Dumb rappers need teaching'" tweeted one critic and another echoed, "Mountain Dew did the right thing firing Lil Wayne #noclass."

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