Saturday, May 4, 2013

American Idol: The Trouble With Nicki Minaj (Dish Of Salt)

Access' Laura Saltman backstage with Nicki Minaj -- Access Hollywood
For 11 seasons, "American Idol" reigned supreme on television but they have not been without their missteps - the Corey Clarke/Paula Abdul debacle, Ellen DeGeneres' odd one season stint, Kara DioGuardi's ouster from the show, allegations of phone line hacking and power voting.
However, nothing has quite rattled the show like the addition of judge Nicki Minaj for Season 12.
What started as an innocent PR move (likely released by someone within the "Idol" camp) to get some publicity for the aging show, the Mariah Carey/Nicki fight tape released during the auditions has instead turned into a nightmare for "Idol." This misfire affected the entire season of the show, not because it was wrong to release it, but because the two women involved could never move past their anger toward one another.

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